World’s shortest interview??

After my interview with the independent living donor assessor, it was Phil’s turn to meet her. As well as looking to see how much the donor understands about their procedure and risks, they like to ask the recipient what they know too, and also check that the donor and recipient have the relationship they claim (in order to prevent incidences of abuse).

However Phil already has to spend most of his week in hospital. He was therefore not best pleased at having to spend one of his few ‘free’ days in yet another hospital…

The interview went something like this:

Assessor: ‘Do you know why you are here today?’
Phil: ‘Are you asking me because you don’t know, or because you want to know if I know the answer?’
Assessor: ‘Err..I..’
Phil: ‘So you do know. And so do I. And now I am leaving’.

Here endeth the interview..

(A reminder: Phil is 8 years old..)