Why donating matters

Today I had my pre-admission clinic – more tests, scans, a surgical review etc. There was also an ‘education session’ with others awaiting transplant. A middle-aged wife donating to her husband. A young man donating to his older brother. Another dad donating to his young son.

We do what we can for our loved ones. It’s what family is about. But there are those who don’t have a readily available donor. They may be children who have been adopted. Or cases where a family match simply isn’t possible.

I have seen the torment of families waiting, seemingly endlessly, for the call that says a deceased organ has become available. And then there are those who for whom the call does not arrive in time, as the statistics on those who die awaiting transplants attests.

I feel blessed that I can give Phil a fighting chance at a better life, and that his fate isn’t dictated by the lottery of the waiting list. And when I die, I hope my other kidney can help someone else.

It is the simplest thing in the world to become a donor after you die. Just go to organdonation.nhs.uk to register.