Latest: transplant now ON HOLD

Tomorrow’s transplant has now been put on hold. The latest results show the enzyme levels increasing. Whatever is wrong with his liver is getting worse.

More tests being done. Final decision whether or not to go ahead will be taken sometime around 9pm tonight (UK time).

If transplant is delayed, Phil will instead need surgery to reinsert a permcath ie he will have to go back on dialysis.

2 thoughts on “Latest: transplant now ON HOLD

  1. Oh dear, what a setback!!!! i’m lost for words just now but when like you i’ve digested the situ’ i’ll definately be back, not a lot of help there i know, but also know that you all as a family must be devastated, look, i will logg back on, promise! see you later and love you all, byee Pat X

  2. omg! i jst logged in to wish u the best, really hope it goes ahead, my lord u guys r getting wrung out today!!!! will check bac in a bit guys , stay strong, thinking of u all xx

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