This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago. Phil is next to Anne. Chris is sat with me. It shows us as who we are: an ordinary family who love each other to bits who are just trying to do the right thing.

A friend who saw this photo remarked how happy we look. It surprised me too, given the circumstances. Yet deep down we ARE happy people, and our unity has kept us going through the insanity.

So as we go through our various procedures tomorrow, this is the image I wanted to leave you with. Whatever happens, this is who we are.

Today, tomorrow, and forever.


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. your in my thoughts as always, hope u got ur thrashing on the Wii tho!!! lol xx thinkin of chris being super brave too, you all are, 4 very special people xxxxxx

  2. Wow that is wonderful news and i so hope all plans are fruitful for all the family o, and good luck with the house move etc’ and i’m thinking of you always byeee Pat X

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