Barry & Cameron

Although our transplant may have been postponed this week, there is one that is definitely still going ahead.

Cameron, a 3 year old boy from Bournemouth, will be getting a new kidney from his Dad, Barry, at Evelina Hospital (St Thomas’, London) tomorrow. Barry’s surgery will be first thing in the morning at Guy’s Hospital.

I met Barry a couple of weeks ago at the pre-transplant ‘education’ clinic for donors and recipients at Guy’s. He’s a great guy who just wants to do the best thing for his family.

This family wishes both of them – and wife and mum Donna, who will have a long day tomorrow – all the very best.

3 thoughts on “Barry & Cameron

  1. Hi how are you all this evening ? sorry i seem to have lost touch with you and not sure why
    but never the less it hasn’t stopped me thinking about you one bit and hoping you are well with every thing already planned put into action. I will write more Wed’s, bye love Pat X

    • Hi Pat. Sorry for delay in replying. As you might see from my post today, I think we all felt a bit knocked sideways by the dramatic last-minute postponement, and the unexpected sudden return to our pre-op ‘routine’! I think we’ve only just started feeling on top of things again (hence my ‘re-surfacing’!). Take care

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