World Kidney Day

Tomorrow is World Kidney Day. So below I’m reproducing the blog post I wrote almost exactly 1 year to the day that my son received a kidney from me. I hope it helps to highlight the importance of World Kidney Day.



So this is it. The big day. Our hopes and dreams for a better life for our precious son come down to the next few hours.

Right now I’m giving Luis a cuddle in his bed. He is sleeping peacefully. We stayed up til late watching a movie. I’ve been in his bed with him all night giving him a cuddle.

In 30 minutes Siobhan will arrive at the start of what promises to be a long day for her and Luis. In 1 hour, a hospital car will take me from Great Ormond Street Hospital to Guy’s Hospital. By 8.30am I should be in theatre.

At 12.30, when the kidney arrives at GOSH, Luis will be getting ready to go to theatre. By 1.30pm, the transplant should be under way. All being well, Luis should be out by 7pm.

I hope to be sufficiently awake and coherent tonight to post an update on how everything has gone. Your ongoing support, positive thoughts and prayers for Luis on his big day are gratefully received.

So for now, I’m signing off. Wish us luck.”

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