The consultant that is on this week has just said that the dosages of immunosuppressants prescribed are all wrong – and has changed them. And that she hasn’t seen the protocol for tomorrow sent to us last week, and disagrees with it, so Anne may not be allowed into the recovery room to comfort Phil when he wakes.

It increasingly seem that Phil faces a better future with a new kidney in spite of Great Ormond Street – not because of it.

I’ve now got to try and get my blood pressure down to a safe level so that I’m still fit for surgery tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Gobsmacked

  1. On a different and more positive note, my team of people are working today on the health and strength of your kidneys and adrenals, and on de-stressing L’s immune system and yours so that both your systems are in relaxation state – which is the optimum basis from which to respond to chemical and neurological changes in the body (eg drug input, eg surgical invasive processes).

    May I respectfully recommend that getting adrenaline THROUGH the system works better than supressing a response. A pillow-and-baseball-bat approach is incredibly healthy. So is a bath and a cuddle.

    All best wishes, Clara

  2. Stay calm and carry on may seem inappropriate at the moment with all the hurdles being put up in your way. But with luck this time tomorrow it will all be behind you.

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